Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food. Fashion. Life.

 Sunday dinner was a definite burger night. Sadly we were out of cheddar cheese but that did not stop us from our burger need. So we looked up what else you could put on a burger and we found the great idea of cream cheese and jalapenos. Its a keeper. 
(Recognize the buns?)
And since we were having burgers we needed french fries, that's a given.

While in Montana a few weeks ago I mentioned my thrift store finds. Well here they are and might I add I have worn everything at least once and have loved every moment. While I was placing my new finds in the closet I realized that about 1/3 of all of my cloths are thift store finds. 

For my P.E. methods class we got to go bowling! I was definitely feeling the effects of the four step approach in my derriere the next two days. Guess its more of a sport than I thought. 

 Oh hey look who got the second highest score in the class? Oh that's right, me, with 102. There were only two of us to break 100 out of about 30 girls and 1 guy.
I felt pretty good about myself.

Zach and his team got to play the same team they played last week. I was pretty excited because I knew we were going to win and rub it in there 'mean-to-wives-who-keep-score' faces.
Unfortunately however we did not get to rub any thing in any ones face. It was kind of a crazy game but if we're being honest I was talking to the wives and goggling over all the cute babies instead of watching the game. Sorry.

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