July 3, 2011
Making my own key holder from a tray. 
1st I taped it off since I only wanted to paint over the flowery design

2nd I started applying paint. I did about 4 layers making sure each one was dry before applying the next one. 

3rd I removed the tape

4th I attached a hook. I made the mistake of only putting one which caused a problem when there was only one key on the hook making the whole thing imbalanced. So... Make sure you can attach it to the wall in such a way the key's wont make it swivel. My fix: sticky tack.  

5th Screw in hooks.  The screws were about 1/4 inch too long so we had to cut off the tips and screw them back in.

6th Place it on the wall and enjoy! yay! 

June 19, 2011
  Gift Wrap: 
One of my new favorite things to make pretty. Using ribbon, string, fabric, packaging paper, news paper and tape.

The Coat Rack:

My Science Children's Book: 
I am using the melted crayon method for the back ground of my pictures.

May 24, 2011 

This is my current project. To laminate or not to laminate that is the question. Do I want it to last forever and look like a place mate for a toddler or do I want it to look like a banner?
A duel purpose banner. It will say "Merry Christmas" on one side and "Happy Birthday" on the other. 
The Happy B-Day is done I just need to finish the M.C. side. An update will be made as soon as it is completed. 

Art Methods Class
Made placing paper on a warm skillet and drawing with crayons as they melt from the heat.

Crayon rubbings made from Zach's Samoan coins and license plates.

Pinch pots turned into a seed.

 Paper mache mask

 Stamp Making:

Home Projects
Sock Monkeys:

Poncho into a beach bag:
More to come on this latter too. As you can see I love starting projects and am not the best at finishing.


 Thrifted frame into a white board:
I enjoyed modge podgeing news paper to my ghetto frame. I put some white paper behind the glass and voila! A chic new dry erase board. 

Block Art:
I have had a lot of fun with these blocks. Last Christmas I made ornaments for our moms and I just finished turning the rest into picture/letter holders. 

Memory Quilt: 
This is my memories quilt. I started working on it the summer of 2009 after I broke my foot. I finally finished it last summer. I used a twin sized sheet for the back. I really like how it turned out. A thick warm memory blanket.