Monday, March 21, 2011

First Official Day of Spring

This morning Zach and I leisurely got out of bed around 11 and decided on a Paige/ McDonalds inspired breakfast. Oatmeal with banana and apple. 
Now that is how you start off a great day!

This is Zach's I don't want my picture taken face.  However I thought he looked awesome and took it anyway. He looked a lot better with his regular smiley face.

This is the skirt I altered last night. I now love it more than ever before! 

This is also one of my favorite up-do's at the moment. Tutorial on how to get this hair do HERE

Tonight we had all of Zach's roommates, from when we first started dating, and their wives over. We had so much fun playing 'Imagine If' and talking about anything and everything. They were a really fun set of room mates and the best part is, I love all of their wives!
Can't wait to hang out again! 


Sarah+Jamason=Tyler said...

We had so much fun last night! Thanks for having us over. Can't wait to see that short cut!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

We enjoyed having you guys over. We will definitely do it again!

McKay and Ashley Pearson said...

We had a lot of fun too! It's like the good ol' days before we were all married, but like 10 times better! Sorry again for being so late! I made McKay sleep on the coach for it! JK :) I should of though. You guys are awesome!