Sunday, January 29, 2012

Robot, Cookies, and Pizza Kind of Day

These are just a few of the items in my little shop. The cute little Robot was finished last night and added to the 'Hole In The Wall'.

These are possibly my new favorite cookies, Moose Tracks! 
1 pkg Cake Mix
1/2 cup Butter
2 Eggs
Chocolate Chips
Carmel Bites
A little bit of coconut if desired

Saturday night was our pizza night. this time was way better though because Zach made his delicious sour dough crust and we used an Italian blend of cheese that had some asiago in it. We also added some ham because we were low on peperoni. Pizza perfection. Seriously. 

About this time two years ago we were enjoying beautiful Montana. While in St. Ignatius we visited Mission Dam. It was completely frozen over so we enjoyed skating around and admiring the perfection winter brings.

I hope you are all enjoying the colder weather and fantastic scenery that comes with it. Have I mentioned how glad I am winter is finally here?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Finally Hit Us

I was starting to worry just a bit about the rain we were getting. I thought I might miss the wonderfully gorgeous season of winter.  On my way home from teaching in Idaho Falls the big flakes started to fall and by Tuesday morning I got to walk in this.

It is slippery and cold but the beauty and adventure of it all makes it so worth it. Plus it makes everything more cozy and hot chocolate can become an option any time and all the time. 

BYU-Idaho was lucky to hold an apostle of the lord. At devotional we got to hear from Elder L. Tom Perry. 

I just love this man. Did I mention I have met him? Twice! In the same elevator of his apartment. It's kind of creepy, I know.
As you can tell in the picture below, he is not a small man. I was surprised that I had to really look up at him when we met.

Over the weekend my mom and sisters got to see Matt Costa. He was my favorite musician in high school. Like I knew every word to every song on his 2006 Songs We Sing album. So needless to say I was a bit jealous. Oh and Kimberly definitely gave him her digits. What?!?! So she could do a caricature of him some time, of course. 

I would also like to introduce you to my baby of a shop. All funds will go directly towards getting us to New York and hopefully keeping us there for a while. If you don't see anything you like. Keep stopping by as many more items will be added. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


These are some of the things I have really been inspired by lately. With the thought of moving in just a couple of months my mind has moved away from academics and onto packing, organizing and redecorating. 

All of these photos were taken from my "Future Home" pin board. For original links click HERE

 I have spent a couple minutes every day this week downsizing in some way. I have the garbage pile, the donations pile, for sale pile and the mend pile.  Its my way of avoiding homework and feeling productive at the same time. 

I am getting so anxious to get down to basics. I know we will not have a lot of space in New York and it has me in the mood to down size and use all of my space as efficiently as possible.

I have fallen in love with some of IKEA's minimalistic furniture and low cost. Zach has even been inspired by the simplicity and possibility of making it himself. I love items that are beautiful and meaningful. 

I want my storage to have decorative purposes and to have a little personality as well (like the trunks).  If it is out where people can see it, it better look good. I detest clutter and want so desperately to hide it or make it beautiful. 

We still look like we are transitioning from fall to spring in these parts. We are even getting our May showers today so maybe February will bring Aprils flowers.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am not usually one to collect things other than pictures but this is a collection with a purpose. 
We are collecting bottle caps. 
We started this collection over the winter break, where I enjoyed more than enough bottled soda.

Remember this table? Well our collection is to one day turn into a small table top. Instead of just covering it with plastic we are going to use acrylic. To make it a permanent and polished looking piece. 

  For more on how to make this table follow me on Pinterest or follow this LINK

Have you watched the movie Warrior? If you want an action packed, heart wrenching, incredible movie to watch, go rent it. Zach and I both loved it and give it 5 stars. Let us know what you think!

I am just going to throw this out there, does anyone know anything about housing around Manhattan and the transportation to and from Manhattan. I would love to know anything and everything you would be willing to share.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The TimTam Slam

TimTams are cookies Zach introduced me to while we were dating. We went to a party where some of his missionary buddies were hanging out and doing the TimTam Slam. These delicious little guys came from Australia originally. While in Samoa Zach and his mission buddies were introduced to the cookie and learned the way to truly enjoy it.  

To start off you need a cup of hot cocoa and a couple TimTams.
Next you bite off opposite corners.

Submerge bitten off corner just enough so you can not see any bite marks. You will need to hold on to the cookie so don't let it fall to far in. 

You then wrap your lips around the opposite corner (the other one you bit off) and suck the hot cocoa through the cookie. When you have taken a sip or two, you will feel the cookie start to dissolve. That's when you know it is perfect. The last step is to promptly stick the remaining cookie in your mouth and enjoy. 

 The cookie becomes soft and almost fudge like. Once you do the TimTam slam it really ruins plain TimTams for you. 
We found our Peprerage farms TimTams at Broulims. 
If you try it, tell me what you think!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kicking Off The Semester

The "friendly 55th ward"  kicked off the semester with a Hawaiian themed social. It was amazing.

Everyone started by playing a get to know you bingo game. After the ice breaker we had a Hawaiian hay stack dinner finished off with sorbet floats. When the meal was finished the ward was divided into groups to put skits together. We came back together and enjoyed all the hilarious routines.

All the singles wards and stakes were re-organized over the break. It was interesting how different the dynamics were in this ward. Not better or worse, just different. We are so excited to get to know everyone and enjoy FHE and more activities with them all. The singles are so much more fun than the married wards so we are happy to have one more semester of all this fun. 

We have officially begun our last semester here at BYU-Idaho. Zach was excited to start classes because it meant the end of this chapter. I on the other hand am just done. I was not excited and I am still having a hard time getting into the school routine. But have no fear, the motivation will kick in. We are also a little pre-occupied with thoughts of moving to Manhattan. Have you ever looked at the price of a typical studio apartment in Manhattan? Don't, it will make you feel like you will never progress in life. On the upside, we are discovering the perks of public transportation that will make living and commuting in the wonderful state of New York affordable. We are just a little excited about this adventure. Bring it on 2012!

Friday, January 6, 2012


While in Utah, we did a lot of shopping. We shopped for food, Christmas gifts, ideas, food, boots, and clothes.  

It became the norm to get ice cream after every run. And of course when you go to Sam's you have to get a fruit sundae.

I had so much fun looking around one of the furniture stores in Garner Village. 

Megan and I got some great jewelry ideas at one of the other shops. 

We spent one evening with Megan and my parents at IKEA. I love this place so much. I took so many pictures of future home ideas. 

They had these cute little vegetable toys my dad kept playing with. They really were pretty cute for being vegetables and all. 

Zach on our future couch with his serious face. Megan did not get the memo. 
We walked out of IKEA with so many great and inexpensive ideas. I always love how places like IKEA can fill you with so much creativity.

I can't say I always feel rejuvenated after shopping. Usually its pretty draining for me. Especially when you can't find what you really want. But when I get ideas I feel revitalized and walk away with a greater purpose. That is when I love shopping. 

Happy Weekend Everyone!