Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hot Date In Salt Lake City

Friday evening Zach and I headed out for a hot date. We drove in to Salt Lake for dinner and some window shopping. 

We ate at the Blue Iguana. A wonderful Mexican restaurant tucked back in an alley. A nice and clean alley. We felt pretty cool going in and felt so cultured deciding what to order.

I went for the mahi mahi fish tacos while Zach enjoyed a sampler that had 5 different flavors. Everything was so delicious. Everything was better than I expected which was good because I went in expecting it to be amazing.  We definitely recommend the Blue Iguana in SLC.

 After dinner we walked up the half block or so to City Creek Center. We enjoyed the shoes and accompanying leather smells in Allen Edmond's and Steve Madden. We also enjoyed walking around the Rolex store and dreaming away.

My favorite stop was to the Restoration Hardware furniture store. I first fell in love with this company last fall when I ordered their catalog for sewing class inspiration.  There stuff was as wonderful in person as it was in the catalog. I took too many pictures and enjoyed every minute.

It was a wonderful date night. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good date idea. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend BBQ

A couple weekends ago we enjoyed the warm weather with a BBQ with some California friends. My dad and brother set up a croquet course and the badminton net they got my mom for mothers day. 

We got to catch up with Scott and Nikki who we haven't seen since New Years, and my good friend Jeff from high school. When we were planning this I realized I hadn't seen him in almost 3 1/2 years. It was so fun to catch up and get re-acquainted. 

It was a really fun evening and I enjoyed everyone so much. I definitely need to be better about getting friends together. 

While we were relaxing and hanging out, Megan was in Califonia heading to her senior prom. Doesn't she look stunning? She graduates in 1 week and will be moving to Utah as soon as she is done which is the best news ever! I sure love that tall skinny girl. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend in San Diego

Thursday afternoon we all headed home as fast as we could to load up the car and head down to Vegas. My mom, Holly, and Zach took turns driving while I relaxed and chatted with whoever shared the back seat with me.

Friday morning after our free breakfast buffet, we made the final jaunt down the I15 to San Marcos. We made it in time for Holly to meet up with her friends as school got out and to run some errands before going to Megan's senior dance concert.

She did an amazing job and choreographed almost half the dances. She did the Viennese waltz with her ballroom dance partner (video one post down). It was beautiful. I might have shed a tear or two.

We spent our last day at the beach. We headed to Oceanside. I don't know if I have told you this before but, it is the home of the longest wooden pier on the west coast. So its kind of a big deal.
While we were there we got to see a real hover craft! 

We watched on the pier as they cleared the beach and got the hover craft ready to take off. It was a lot faster than I expected it to be. They even showed off a little by doing a few spins out on the water.

Not only did we visit the beach and try to soak up the sun, we stopped to reminisce at the very place this handsome man proposed. It was fun and entertaining to hear everyone's perspective and side of the story. It was all so terribly romantic and almost 3 years ago that it took place on this spot.

While it was nice to visit California for the weekend, I was not sad to leave at all. It didn't feel like home. Only two (one of which is Annie, below) of my friends even live there anymore. I guess that makes sense, I have called Rexburg home the past 4 years. I am beginning to feel more and more ready to take this leap to the east coast with my husband. Really, wherever he is, that is home. I feel that becoming more true as this summer moves on. I love my family but I don't feel at home with out him. So, bring it on New York. Bring it on.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little More Talent

Yeah, she is kind of a big deal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Our ward had a talent show last week that Rick, Rita and Zach were a part of. Rick and Zach performed a number, dueling banjos, with their noses. Rita brought her most recent art piece and I sat back and enjoyed the talent. 

In the past two weeks we've also been able to hear both Holly and Ricky's spring concerts. They both did a wonderful job on their bass brass instruments. 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Field Trip #2

 I got to go with my new 3rd grade class to Butterfield Farms two weeks ago. It is a working farm so they only do tours two days out of the year. They put over 2,000 students through in two days.

They all had a great time. I also have the best 3rd graders ever so I able to enjoy watching them learn and get excited about all the animals.  They even talked me into riding the bull. Tomorrow I get to take them to the Red Butte Gardens. Elementary school is the best.

Happy Monday everyone! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Mothers

Happy Mothers day to the greatest mothers in the world. We love you guys and appreciate all you have done for us.