Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Productive Saturday

 Today was a day of projects. Zach took care of the car while I worked on illustrating my children's science book. After that we started on a fun project, constructing our own coat rack. We would have finished today but they didn't have enough T joints in Rexburg.

And this is what our rack will become! We will show you what ours looks like when we finish it.
(Image taken from

 To see what my outfit looked like or what I made for breakfast this morning check out the fashion and food tabs. Those waffles are to die for, seriously go check them out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elementary Educatioin

So I am pretty sure I have the funnest major ever. I do get a little jealous of the interior and graphic design majors but do they get to dissect owl pellets and ride around in wheel chairs? I didn't think so. 

Okay so the wheel chair was fun for about ten min. I was seriously grateful for my  legs after those 4 hours. We had a few challenges we had to complete like opening a door by ourselves, going to the bathroom, going up and down a hill, and getting a drink from the drinking fountain. I have no idea how people get them selves from the chair to the toilet and back let alone pull their pants down in the process. And getting a drink always resulted in it running down my face. Lets just say I have a new respect for those wheel chair bound.

 I discovered two skulls for some little rodents. It was so fun! Non of us wanted to stop even tho class had ended. I will definitely do this with my kids.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend In The Sun

Friday my Warby Parker try-on's came! So I did just that, I tried them all on. Zach and I like the last ones the best but what do you think? I need some input! I liked the design of the first ones but they were a little to thick for me. And the middle ones, as in as they are, were a little too hipster for me...but really what are your thoughts?

Saturday Zach and I went on a warm walk to Kiwi Loco. We got our buy-one-get one free yogurt and thoroughly enjoyed it. We recommend getting the coconut flavor. Super good!

Last summer I noticed this amazing garden. It is right by the road but I never noticed it before last year and the gardener keeps it so beautiful all season. There were even flowers in snail and butterfly designs.

Sunday I enjoyed walking home from the singles ward in the warm weather and made home made danishes for the first time ever. They were so yummy! Come visit me and I will make you some!

For this recipe click on my new food tab at the top of this page.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today and yesterday were pretty purple days. Zach didn't have work until 11 yesterday so I made waffles with a berry compote and whipped cream. It was very purples and vary delicious. 

 I guess we will have a spring. It has been a bit cooler than I thought it would be. That just means I have a little more time to enjoy my scarves. 
But who am I kidding, we all know next winter is around a few corners.
Last night I was feeling all creative and decided to do something with my cute wooden blocks. 
I continued to destroy a book I got for a dollar and cut out pages to Modge Podge  to my blocks. 

I still haven't quite decided what I want to do next with them. I will do some home work and make them versatile and cute. That is the goal anyway.

 And here is my Modge Podged news paper frame. I had tried being creative with it before and it did not turn out so i had to strip it and try again. I think the news paper is kind of quirky. Not for a family photo or anything.

 So for now my quirky little frame will hold all my dry erase messages.
I just put white paper behind the frame and glass which I will probably change soon.

  Today's windy purple outfit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny With a High of 54

 I was pretty excited about Sunday dinner. For one my favorite brother and sister-in-law were over and I would be making a childhood favorite, Manicotti.
For dessert we had some delicious brownies and banana cream pie.
(Kristyna, I don't know if this counts because I have made it before but it is the first time this summer.)

As spring has arrived in Rexburg so have the weeds. But check out my Garlic plant! It is getting so tall!


Shoes: Vans. Jeans: Hudsons. Shirt: Target. Jacket: Gap. Necklace: Gift when I was 8 yrs old. Watch: Wal-Mart. Shoe Laces: Leather, Wal-Mart.

 I have started another project. A reversible Birthday and Christmas banner.The other day I went and made die-cut letters in brown and red. I felt so crafty and teacher-ish.


Shirt: Down East Basics. Dress: Gap. Tights: Burlington Coat Factory. Shoes: From Brett. Belt: D.I. Coat: Old Navy, D.I. Hat: Zach's.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy Saturday

Saturday was one excellent day. It was one of those warm pre-summer afternoons where you feel like getting a little crazy, and you have enough cool people around to act on these crazy notions. In short it was a swag day.

 First we hit up Wal-Mart and D.I. 
I am quite excited about my $10 watch (as seen in Sammy's pic), my braided belt and my mini clothespin finds.

Next we took two bikes and a long board up to a church parking lot right below the temple to do some mello boarding. It was crazy windy but that did not stop the filming that kicked of this swag afternoon.
(I will post a link to our video as soon as Brock finishes it.)

 Did I mention I took my bike down a few flights of stairs for the first time ever? It was so thrilling, and I am alive and well which doubts caused that thrill. 
Zach and Brock were showing off for the ladies. They were pretty impressive but watching Zach right after this picture was taken was priceless. The back mud flap on the bike flew off making it look like the whole bike fell apart mid stunt.

After a good 3+ hours of movie making we headed to Sammy's for food and music.

 This is 'The Neighbors'. I seriously fell in love with them from the first sound check. They looked awesome, had incredible stage presence and sounded amazing. I highly recommend looking them up.

I am so, so glad Paige came to stay with us this weekend and gave us such a great excuse to party!