Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

Thursday night was McKays last game before championships and It was a blowout! 107 to 70. McKay is pretty much BYU-Idahos Jimmer. 

 Friday night we went to see 'Unknown' with our friends Jayci and Kolton. It was a pretty good action film but I think we all agreed that 'Taken' was the better Liam movie.
Oh did I mention we saw 'The Adjustment Bureau' last week? Well we did. It was good but way more chick-flick-y than we thought it would be.

Before the Movie Zach and I decided to give 'Picket's Bambino' a try. They are like deep fried calzones and they were pretty good. 
We also got to watch a little March Madness on a real T.V. 

 This is my pretty cute date night outfit. 
Zach is the only one that really saw it but I think he is the only one that I cared about looking good for anyway.
Yes, those waves are all natural. 

Speaking of waves this is the last pick of Zach's long locks. He let me cut it off Saturday night.
I know, brave man.

Saturday night was McKays big championship game. I was a little disappointed in the turn out but we had an awesome time anyway. 
Like Zach's do?

 I sat next to Jayci durring the game and she is the best ever! She was more into it than any of the guys. It got me all pumped up and I had so much fun. Thanks for the 'Wild Cats' team spirit Jayci!

The Drum Line. They actually did really well. I was proud.

 Cheerleaders and Dance team. No face plants this time thank goodness.

 The group that was most into the game and cheering for McKay's team, The Wild Cats.

 Zach's sweet style and new hair cut. Yeah, I am a little proud of my work.

 The final outfit of the weekend. 
A little preppy a little fishy.
Can I brag about my shoes?
J. Crew
85 cents
Down East Basics.

Sadly, McKay and the Wild Cats did not win the championship game. It was a close game the entire time but a few bad calls were made and the last minuet of the game turned in favor of the Knights.


Diana Smith said...

Hey, new to your blog! You have such pretty long hair! I am jealous!!

Livy Love

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Thank you! You are too sweet.

jayc. said...

i'm sorry i'm so embarrassing to sit next to. it's no wonder kolton won't take me out in public or introduce me to his friends. But we had so much fun with you guys this weekend!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Haha, No I seriously LOVED it! We had a lot of fun too!