Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Weekend

To celebrate Kimberly Ann's birthday we stole her away for the day and headed to Seven Peaks.

While there we enjoyed the lazy river, races down the slide and people watching. 

I was even so bold as to get up the courage to ride the scary one. It was so fast I can't even remember the stomach drop, but it was worth it. 

We quite enjoyed the day and had to treat ourselves to dinner at Brick Oven Pizza. 

Sunday evening we planned and schemed with Kim's room mates to plan a perfect surprise party. We told Kim we had to grab something from our grandparents house and started driving that way. I looked at my phone and said mom told us to come home because they didn't need us anymore. So after an hour of driving, with Kim thoroughly confused and unsuspecting, we walked her into a room of 20+ people. 

She was surprised. We talked and mingled as we watched some embarrassing videos of Kim. Everyone had a great time. 

Happy 21st Birthday Kimberly!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Zach In New York

This is where he has gone to work for the past week and will continue working though at least September. Right in Midtown. 

This is the view from his very own cubicle where he is being put to work and becoming a real member of the team. 

He has managed to survive and figure out the public transportation system. Its not nearly as scary as I had imagined. 

On his first day he got to enjoy some family and go to a Mets game. Its obviously really hard for him there. 

Last weekend he went out exploring and found the Hudson to be only minutes from our apartment. 

And when he was in Long Island City Sunday evening he captured this beauty. Life in the Big Apple is going well for Zach. He says the AC is broken and it's getting hot but by the time I get there it will be up and running. The streets in Inwood can be a little dirty but he discovered a private garden and laundry facilities in the building. Score! The adventure is great so far but we are counting down the days until we can be enjoying it together. 

Happy Friday everyone! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Monday

Last Monday while doing some Park City exploring we discovered this remarkable resort. This is how you get to the lobby of the St. Regis resort in Deer Valley. It is an elevator that looks like a mix between a train and a roller coaster. You push the elevator button and it comes down with its large windows and leather seats to take you up to the lobby. We were some what excited to give it a try. Besides, thats why we stopped in the first place. 

The ride was not a disappointment. The view was beautiful and I felt quite fancy. 

Here are a few professional pictures of the place. 

We had a great time relaxing and wondering around. We were all sure it wouldn't be so bad to stay at a place like this. 

After feeling fancy and eating a delicious lunch in the hills we wandered around Park City. It was not the same with out Brock taking fun pictures next to every statue but it was still a nice time. 

This one's for you Brocky. 

Before leaving we stopped for some delicious ice cream. 

We stopped to watch some skiers practice on the off season. They went down the slope and did tricks into the pool. It was really entertaining to watch. I notice I have fun watching anyone that can do anything really well. Its inspiring really. 

After dinner with my parents we spent a little more time with Erica's parents. While we talked and visited Erica practiced her wonderful hair doing skills on Paige and I. Forget school and music, you really have a talent for hair styling. 

As of today I am officially done with all undergrad homework assignments. Now it is just the final push to the end. 7 days of school and 10 days until I am re-united with my husband. More on his adventures to come shortly. 

Happy Wednesday everyone. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day

 Happy fathers day! 
We celebrated with just the girls this year while Ricky was off at Civil Air Patrol camp for the week. 

This is from a few weeks ago when we got to see Ricky get his award. We of course had to celebrate afterwards. 

We hope both of our fathers had a wonderful fathers day full of love and family. I love the future fathers and current father in my life and am so grateful for their influence on me. I love you all.

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Adventure Begins

Zach made it safely to New York last night this morning. He got there early in the morning and from the airport took an hour and a half long taxi ride up to Inwood.

Here it is, our little studio apartment. Zach made it sound like it was really small. 
The kitchen is in the nook behind the book shelf the bathroom is to the left of the front door. 

Thankfully this apt. is fully furnished allowing us to pack only clothes and toiletries. 

I love it from the pictures and cannot wait to see it in two weeks. Zach informed me that there is a small stove top and oven although you can't see it. 

More on our last weekend to come. 
I am now off to my first Elementary musical as a teacher. Yay! 
Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marathon Saturday

Paige is kind of a big deal. She ran her first marathon on Saturday. She wanted to get under 5 hours, and she did. 4 hours and 30 min to be exact. 

We ran in to help pull her though to the end of her marathon at about mile 24. You could tell she was exhausted but she was moving fast enough to ware me out pretty quick.  So basically, she could kick my butt even after running 24 miles.

We were so excited and proud to watch her run across the finish line so strong. 

Congratulation on running your first marathon. You are a super stud and I hope to be like you someday. Thanks for the inspiration and letting us bask in your glory.  You're truly amazing.

Happy Sunday everyone!