Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for Spring

Last Friday we played games with some of our friends and they were in the mood for donuts. We were going to get some but 'Paradise Donuts' was closed so we opted for Frosties instead. So we had the great idea of inviting them over for homemade donuts this Friday. It was wonderful. 

We had vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze and cinnamon sugar for our toppings. I think the vanilla with cinnamon sugar was my favorite.

Before Zach and I were even married I was hearing about this amazing Lasagna his cousins wife had made him before his mission. So I have tried winning him over with my own versions but finally decided to ask her for the real thing. 
I made some home made noodles and the day before Zach made bread so dinner was pretty much amazing.

Dinner was even better because my old roomie Anny and her boy came! I love her and her party personality. 
(Picture from Fall 2008)


Can you tell I am ready for spring? Well I am ready to wear bright colors again!
In snowed quite a bit this morning but supposedly it supposed to get up to 45 this week so I am excited about that possibility.

Zach was on FIRE at his game on Thursday night. He made about three, three pointers, this shot and a few other two pointers. He is such a stud! 


Kelle said...

You should be a model. Love your outfits.

Zach and Sara Allen said...

haha. I know my torso is great isn't it? I just need to have Zach take pictures instead of doing them myself. haha.

Anny said...

I didn't know that Zach made the bread! You guys are amazing..dinner was so delicious :]

Zach and Sara Allen said...

He really is an amazing cook and baker too apparently. He actually helped make most of the Lasagna. I can't wait to have you over again!

kim said...

Sara! You guys are so cool. Plus you are such a babe! I love you! Thanks for encouraging me to keep posting!