Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sock Monkey's

 You can make you're own sock monkey using directions found HERE.

This is the little guy I made tonight out of some worn out socks. It took some time but it was pretty easy to make. 

I woke up to this yesterday morning, 
Zach has class at 9 on Fridays and I don't have my one class until 2 so I tend to sleep in. Anyway, this absolutely made by day.

Thursday night I got the notion to make meatball calzones. All was going well until we visited our neighbors and there adorable 6 day old baby. When we came home the apartment looked pretty smokey. The oil in the remaining meatballs pan decided to burn so it smoked our calzones. Oh well they looked good and tasted alright. I will definitely have to retry these.


April said...

These monkeys are adorable.
You are so talented.
And are you sure you do not have a professional photographer taking all these amazing photos?

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Haha. positive that I am taking most of these with my camera phone. I know its pretty classy.