Monday, March 28, 2011

Rexburg Spring

I got in the mood to bake again. Surprise, surprise. I had these jars from cleaning out the fridge and I thought they were too cute to throw away but too much to keep around. So, I put as many cookies as I could in two jars and delivered them to some of my lady friends.

I was trying to get rid of some sugar free black berry preserves that I was not enjoying and turned it into a delicious treat. Jam filled butter cookies.They were very easy and so delicious.

For Sunday dinner Zach made another 'Diners Drive-Ins and Dives' inspired meal. Fried bologna and onion sandwiches with mustard and fries on the side. Sooo good.

This morning we woke up to a mini blizzard. It didn't stop snowing until noon. Supposedly its supposed to get up into the 50's this week. I just don't know If I can really comprehend anything above freezing anymore.

[Thrifted: Tank $3 and Belt Gift]


April said...

Love the cookies in a jar idea! So cute. They look delicious too.
Fun outfit. I love how the blues don't match, yet makes the colors pop and coordinate well together.
I'm a little skeptical about the bologna and onions...
We had to throw some windows open this evening, too warm in here :)....admit it, you can't wait...just don't be bringing any snow or rain with you that week!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Haha, We just might have to make some for you and convert you to the onion bologna sandwich. No snow, I promise.