Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zach's Shirt

 Today's out fit was inspired by 3 wonderful ladies, Sydney the Daybook girl, Ashley the I-believe-in-unicorns girl, and my friend Anny who can't wait to have a husband who's shirts she can steal. 

I was telling Zach the other day how I "needed" a chambray shirt. And so he said I could borrow his and after the inspiration of my lovely ladies I took him up on the offer. Now his shirt smells like me and I expanded my wardrobe.

I also gave not parting my hair at all a shot today. It was kind of fun.
 {Necklace: Cold Water Creek(gift) Shirt: Gap($8) Jeans: F21($7) Boots: Zach's Dad's Uncle's(gift)}

Look! It is a puddle! That means it is getting warmer. Warm enough to melt away the cold. I am so ready to be done wearing my coat!
Don't get me wrong, I love falling snow but I am ready for a change of pace and outfits I can actually show off!


kim said...

Cuuute shirt!

kim said...

Oh, and.... I love the bagels! Thank you!