Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Water Baby

We have spent almost every day of the 85-105 degree weather days at the pool or at Seven Peaks. I finally got her those chest arm swim floaties and she is really starting to get brave in the water.  She loves eating fruit snacks and grapes on our towel, jumping over the waves in the wave pool, and jumping into my outstretched arms in the pool. She might just make me a fan of summer. Also... after slathering her in 30-70 SPF every day she has out tanned me 100%. I'm so glad she got her dad's skin genes.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Townhome

Dirt lot, hole in the ground, a cement box in the ground, and then, it started looking like a structure that turned into a house. We still have a few months and a lot of details to go. Our new little home in Rosecrest, Herriman is coming right along on schedule and we could not be happier. We spent many Saturdays going through model homes, touring resale homes, searching Zillow and asking all our friends and neighbors for recommendations. We found a builder and layout that we absolutely love and have felt pretty confident and at peace with it from day one. My parents have already become the neighborhood watch and have documented its life better than me as they go on their weekly bike ride from their neighborhood to ours. My dad was even the first one to park in our garage (pictured below). We cannot wait to get settled in in just a few quick months.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Working in the Yard

My parents have been working hard to get their yard ready for my sister Holly's wedding this fall. Anna came over to play and see what we could do to help. Anna loved getting Ricky, Megan and Grandma to jump with her and she stayed impressively entertained cleaning the back patio, watching as we shoveled dirt, and eating pop corn while watching movies with Ricky. It is so fun watching each phase of the yard happen, almost as much fun as the dinner to celebrate a hard days work at JCW's. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Nielsen's in Bountiful

 Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Bountiful, not to be confused with any other Nielsens, most especially the one in Holiday. The custards really are a step above the other locations for what reasons, I know not. We loved the burgers with the caramelized onions, the thick fries, and most importantly the chocolate concrete with salty toasted almonds. It was divine! Almost as good as the food was the chance to enjoy our good friends the Kameraths.  Chris is in the Bishopric with Zach, which has kicked off my friendship with Stephanie, and given Anna the chance to make CJ her best friend. She will tell me all about her adventures with CJ for the next day and a half after seeing him, its really so cute. Thanks for introducing us to the REAL thing!