Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 was a productive year full of fun memories and lots of homework. We are so excited for the changes that will be happening in 2012 and hope you all have your best year yet!

Recap of the year: 

Inter-mural Basketball

Cutting off my hair

Last Trip to California 

The Neighbors Concert

The Iron and Wine Concert

Brock got his mission call

First time to Jackson Wyoming

Bennetts visiting Rexburg

Lake Powell with Maughn's 

Glacier National Park

Bright Eyes Concert 

Mindy Gledhill Concert

Sand dunes and other adventures with Brock and Paige

Flag Football

My first trip to Canada. Brocks first time through the Temple. 

Brock leaves for Zimbabwe 

Finish up our second to last semester at BYUI.

Thanksgiving with the Allens

 Christmas with the Bennetts


Friday, December 30, 2011

The "Up" House

Tuesday we drove around and found the house from the Disney movie "Up". Those who built it got permission from Disney and made the actual replica of the house. It is real and functional and apparently it has been bought. A family will be moving into it next  month. 

There were three kids rooms. One of them was a Toy Story room, another was a princess room and the baby room had this adorable mural covering the wall above the crib. 

We got to leave our mark by signing the guest book. 

We all agreed it was a beautiful home. We all left feeling upbeat and happy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Making of Christmas

This year we got a little crafty. There were things I wanted to learn how to make and so I made enough to give to my sisters. That is my excuse anyway.  

My mom helped me make wonder tees with stripes. We only made two due to the difficulty so Holly and I got them.  I made the headbands and hair clips using old fabric scraps and buttons.

 Paige's gift was made by embroidering card stock.  I think this one was my favorite to make and turned out the best. I just might make some for Zach and I.
 Here are the spoon rings. We only spent a buck or two on silverware at D.I. but the bending was time consuming and sweat provoking. It was so exciting to get one completed. There were a lot of silverware casualties due to experimentation, too thick of metals and overzealous bends. If you make these I recommend using more than two pliers. I say use something to hot to make them pliable and a vise and then some pliers. 

Zach used para-cord and You-Tube to make my dad a manly bracelet. I was quite impressed with how fast he did it and how nicely it turned out. My dad has been wearing it ever since he opened it. Definite success.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

This was the first Christmas with my family where we weren't woken up before 9! It was wonderful. Okay well we did wake up nice and early to listen in to Brock's call home. It was so good to hear him talk about the experiences he is having in Zimbabwe. 
It is fun having my siblings all grow up and not jumping on our beds at 6 in the AM to wake us all up. Hurray for sleeping in!

After opening presents we headed to church for an hour. Afterwards we got busy getting everything ready for Christmas dinner. 

Kim had two friends from school come over for dinner and we also had the pleasure of having Rick and Rita over. We had a wonderful time talking and laughing over the delicious food. 

Holly got a record player that does everything. So we enjoyed jammin to some Scott Joplin before sitting down to our Christmas feast. 

After dinner we played some Nerts and a good round of movie charades.  

 For our evening snack we enjoyed our home made caramel. We tried the 'sweeten condensed milk in the crock pot submerged in water on low for 8 hours' method. It worked nicely.

It was a wonderful day full of good company, exciting gifts and lots of happy memories. Hope you were all able to have such an enjoyable Christmas as well. 
Hope you have an excellent end to 2011!