Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Field Trip

I got to go on my first field trip as an adult. 
Tuesday morning three third grade classes loaded on a school bus and headed to Salt Lake. 

Our first stop was at a park near the University of Utah for lunch and some relaxing/play time.

The second stop was to the Red Butte Gardens. 

We got to go on a hike through the imported and native gardens and see the arches the trees made as they moved toward more light and space. 

We got to stop and smell this flower that smells just like chocolate. 

After the long hill and lots of complaining we made it to the top.

It was a beautiful view of the valley from the top. Everyone got to sit down and rest for a minute and that helped get all the belly aching out of their systems before we headed down. It was pretty entertaining how dramatic this handful of 9 year old's were.  

I got one of my students to take this picture of me as proof that I too, made it to the top. 

Here is one of the snakes our group saw on the way down. It is a baby rattle snake just taking a nap. The kids were pretty excited to see it.
I had such a fun time hanging out and hiking with my 3rd graders. On the other hand I did not enjoy the sun burn I received on the back of my neck. The lesson learned? Cover every spot of exposed skin in sunscreen, not just the obvious places.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well folks, here it is.  It's been 2 weeks and pictures are finally up.

We are so grateful for all the friends and family that came to support us and that we got to spend our time here at BYU-Idaho with. We loved all of our experiences here at BYU-I and highly recommend it to all. Tuition is as cheep as they come but the learning experiences you get here are priceless. My smallest class consisted of 11 students to 1 teacher. Talk about getting the attention and time from your professors you need. Not all of my classes were near that small but I was able to get the help I needed from professors who cared and that made a world of difference for me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What We've Been Up To

We celebrated Easter with both of our families and enjoyed eating a lot of good food and candy. 

We enjoyed 5 Guys with my grandparents. 

We went on a walk and dreamed of future house styles and gawked at the outrageously large houses.  

We ate delicious fruit filled pancakes with my parents and siblings for a great Saturday breakfast.

I indulged in a little whipped cream too. 

Holly, my dad, and I found plants for my dad to plant in the yard around the house for spring.

We admired Meagn in her stunning prom dress and sparkly 5 inch heels.

Zach has been working hard around the house earning our stay.

Needless to say we have been eating really well, enjoying lots of family time, I am having fun teaching and Zach is enjoying being put to work on my grandparents house. We are busy and happy.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday The 13th

Some would say today has a history of being unlucky and that passing the double nickle age would count as a bad omen. I however am glad that time marches on and that I have people in my life passing into ages of wisdom and depth like any good wine. I am grateful for my now 56 year old father-in-law who has given me perspective, understanding and a greater appreciation for life. Not because I miss that time when I didn't know the man with the icy blue gaze, but because he has shown me how to be more loving and thoughtful of others, which has indeed made my appreciation for life grow. 

All-in-all I love my father-in-law and hope he has the best birthday and his best year yet. 

Sure love you. 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We Moved

 Here is a little taste of graduation. More will come once pictures start coming in.

Zach and Shay (Zach's roommate from his very first pre-mission semester)

Zach and I were one of the 70 something couples that got to graduate together.

Zach and his cool communications buddy Matt. 

Kyni Jo, one of my favorite classmates, and I. 

My buddy from my freshman year and Zach's old FHE sister Megan and I. 

Our beautiful graduation cake made and decorated by my mom and sister, Kimberly. 

Saturday morning we loaded up two trucks and a car and headed down to Utah. It was a quick and uneventful trip. It just felt like we were traveling down for spring break.... it still doesn't feel real. 

It was a bit sad to realize we would not be returning to little Rexburg anytime soon. I can only imagine how much it will change between now and when we drop our own kids off there someday. 

The drive to Utah, and knowing we would be there a while, helped me to see and enjoy more of its beauties. I do love the mountains. Geographically, I really could be happy in the valley here in Utah. On the way down I started getting excited just knowing I was minutes away from all types of shopping.  You know you have lived in Rexburg a while when shopping of all sorts with in 10 minutes of your home gets you super excited.

We enjoyed talking, singing and listening to NPR on our little drive down. I didn't even fall asleep once. If you knew how well I slept in a sunny car you would be impressed.

While waiting for the trucks to catch up, Zach and I had fun playing with mustaches left over from Holly's 16th birthday party. I basically looked like Zach with that thing.

So here we are in Utah, graduated and living in my grandparents basement. We still feel like we should be on spring break but we aren't. We are busy and I am loving student teaching while Zach is busy being put to work and looking for things to keep him busy. I feel like this last semester will fly by but we hope to enjoy every bit of being close to family as possible. 

Happy Wednesday/Thursday everyone.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


The time for moving out of our quaint little apartment has come.  We have had so many wonderful memories made in this little first home. We have enjoyed all of the friends and family that have stopped by to play games, eat, talk with us and stay a while.

While we are a little sad to be leaving this place we are also so excited for the homes we will fill with memories as time continues to move on.
We are in the process of moving to Utah as you read this and are ready for all this summer holds in store. Wish us luck and know we miss all of our friends in Rexburg like crazy already!

Happy Saturday everyone!