Saturday, March 12, 2011

Date Night

Friday's end up being our date night since Zach works Saturdays so this Friday we watched this fun little movie with Ryan Reynolds and Emily Mortimer. I thought it was a comedy so I had a hard time taking it seriously so I'm still not sure if it was supposed to be serious or funny. Maybe both? Any way it was kind of a fun one.

After the Movie we headed to the Heart Gym for the Dunk Contest and McKay's 3 Point Shoot Off.

This is Zach holding up the Mouse Pad prize. Apparently if you don't sit in certain sections, prize throwers wont throw to you. Lame. 
McKay did really well and ended up in second place. We also got to see the BYU-I Color Guard I had no idea we had, the Cheerleaders (one of which totally slid on her face) and the Jump Rope Team. I won't lie, one of the reasons I wanted to go was for the Jump Rope Team. They are so good! They do crazy tricks and stunts with those whirling whips.
  Every thing was really fun and all of the performers did a really good job. I just love date nights and BYU-Idaho!

Today I got brave and attempted the Top Knot. I was a little worried that it wouldn't look right or that I would be trying to pull off to bold of a style but Zach approved so I think its a keeper! This will be a perfect summer do!

I am so excited for my parents because last week they were able to move into this beauty of a home. It actually has a yard and neighbors aren't right on top of each other. I am so excited to get to explore it for myself!

Haha... okay so at the Dunk Contest this group (probably in a business development practicum) came to the middle of the floor to do a little competition for a prize. The guy talking about it said something about men coming and winning so they could win there "package" to give there wives or girlfriends. Whats better is that the guy never picked up on how awkward he was sounding and kept referring to the prize as "our package" and kept telling us to come check out there "packages". Sorry guys there is only one package I want and it is not yours!


Shelly Carter said...

BYU has such fun activities Love the Blog

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Thankyou. I agree BYU-I makes everything they do really fun.

Kelle said...

Oh my gosh. That poor guy had no clue what he was even saying. I would have died of laughter if I had heard that. Too funny.