Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend in Review

 Thursday night we went over to Brock's to watch the Blazers game. They lost but I was entertained by Zach balancing the wheel chair. After the game we decided to get some Taco Bell.

This is what it looked like out side. Everything was covered in snow including us by the time we got to the car.

And to my dismay it was still sticking strong on that 28 degree Friday morning.

 Friday night Zach and I headed to Idaho Falls for our date night. We had heard some pretty great stuff about Five Guys Burgers and we had to see for ourselves.

Five Guys was delicious! Zach and I even went so far as to say, it was better than In-N-Out. Yes it was a little more expensive than In-N-Out but there burgers were all double patties, they had way way way  more toppings, and their fries were better and filled our whole bag. 
On a more thrifty and decorative note; for a Relief Society activity we learned how to make curtains to beautify our homes.

So for about $4.15 a panel I made my home feel that much more cozy. I love it!
Oh, and I found the perfect curtain rod at Ross for $7.


Julie said...

Nice job on the curtains, Sara! Super cute!!!
I got a good laugh out of the balancing act too. Funny. Men can do that kind of stuff while they're totally focused on something else.
This has been such a weird spring, huh? Almost seems like it'll never warm up.

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Its good to hear that its not just here where winter seems extra long.