Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunny With a High of 54

 I was pretty excited about Sunday dinner. For one my favorite brother and sister-in-law were over and I would be making a childhood favorite, Manicotti.
For dessert we had some delicious brownies and banana cream pie.
(Kristyna, I don't know if this counts because I have made it before but it is the first time this summer.)

As spring has arrived in Rexburg so have the weeds. But check out my Garlic plant! It is getting so tall!


Shoes: Vans. Jeans: Hudsons. Shirt: Target. Jacket: Gap. Necklace: Gift when I was 8 yrs old. Watch: Wal-Mart. Shoe Laces: Leather, Wal-Mart.

 I have started another project. A reversible Birthday and Christmas banner.The other day I went and made die-cut letters in brown and red. I felt so crafty and teacher-ish.


Shirt: Down East Basics. Dress: Gap. Tights: Burlington Coat Factory. Shoes: From Brett. Belt: D.I. Coat: Old Navy, D.I. Hat: Zach's.

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Julie said...

Ahh. Manicotti! My fave!!!