Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Day Spring

Well I did some Mindy stalking and found some better pictures from her concert taken by her photographer. I love her hair cut and her cute preggers look. 

For mothers day I made pink rice crispy treats for the primary kids to eat and share with their moms. Only two of our primary kids ended up being there and they got major stage fright leaving it to the two leaders and I to sing for our moms that were not there. oh well. The two girls looked to cute up there.

 Zach brought home some tomato plants for the girls in the singles ward and I got two!

Chambray shirt: Gift, Pearls: Gift, Belt: Thrifted $1, High waisted wool skirt: Thrifted $5, Tights: Wal-Mart $5, Shoes: $20

 Monday was a bit of a rainy day. I made the mistake of riding my bike and was totally soaked when I got home. So I treated my self to some of Zach's delicious (basicly like the girradelli box kind) brownies and a mug of herbal tea.

 Tuesday and Wednesday were our last days of spring. The rain ended and the sun started to shine.


Now that the sun has brought temps in the mid 70's I have brought all my lovely plants out side to soak up that vitamin D. And the quick bike rides to school and back have been wonderful! 

Wednesday night I tried my hand at some burger making. The buns were good but the burgers were pretty dry and round instead of flat. haha. That is what you get married for right? 

Thursday night Brock and his roommate came over for meat loaf, french fries and Eskimo cookies. We watched the office and then Zach cut off Brocky's hair.

Now we are just so excited for this warm weekend along with a visit from Paige!


ashley in wonderland said...

that skirt is so lovely, and yay for rexburg in the 70s. i'm sad that we had to leave before it got nice!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Why thank you Mrs. Ashley. I must say I love your blog and am so sad I didn't get to spend a warm Rexburg day with you. Hope Arizona is treating you well!

Megan Bennett said...

Oh my goodness, I love the skirt! You really scored with the thrift store shopping.