Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mindy Gledhill Concert

While we were in California, my sister Holly introduced us to Mindy Gledhill. She let us listen to the whole album on the way to Disneyland. Her songs are so catchy, I had them in my head only after the first listening. So when I saw a billboard with her name on it I had to see if I could get some tickets.

 It was an awesome concert. She performed most of her album 'Anchor'. I loved it! She had cut her hair short and she was about 6 months preggers with her third boy! Having some of her songs dedicated to and inspired by her boys made some of the songs more meaningful to me. She also  mentioned a friend, Nienie, that inspired one of her songs. [Nienie's Blog here] I had heard of her and her story before this but YOU should check it out, truly inspirational.

 The Orchestra that played with her did an amazing job. I just love orchestral music as a back up to any musician. 
Mindy wore butterfly wings the entire show just  like her music video for Anchor.

And she sounded just as good if not better live. I am seriously in love with her voice right now and will probably waste away my day listening to her music and watching her You Tube channel. I am sorry that I could not have stolen you away, Holly, to share this sweet experience with you. If she has another concert I think we should meet up where ever it is!

 Afterward we treated ourselves to some Golden Arches, dollar menu style. I love me some hot fudge sunday with my Zachary!

 So yesterday I had an amazing thrifting experience! I found some amazing treasures that looked like they hade never been worn before.

Scored these sandles and perfect teacher/mom shoes for $4 a pair. By the way they both fit perfectly!

 This sweet summery belt for $1.

And this coat (just like this one) for $8.

Have a great weekend! I am off to finish projects, do some spring cleaning and stalk Mindy. XOXO


katherine said...

sooo jealous you went to the concert! i wanted to go but didn't get the chance. love the thrifted finds :)

Zach and Sara Allen said...

I heard there is one in Idaho falls tonight. Haha. If you love my thrifty find I know I did well. Thanks Katherine!

Kristin said...

Those are some good finds. Did you find them here?

Zach and Sara Allen said...

I did find them here at the Rexburg DI. I was just going to check for a belt and I was amazed at the treasures. Usually the place is way picked over and over priced.