Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today and yesterday were pretty purple days. Zach didn't have work until 11 yesterday so I made waffles with a berry compote and whipped cream. It was very purples and vary delicious. 

 I guess we will have a spring. It has been a bit cooler than I thought it would be. That just means I have a little more time to enjoy my scarves. 
But who am I kidding, we all know next winter is around a few corners.
Last night I was feeling all creative and decided to do something with my cute wooden blocks. 
I continued to destroy a book I got for a dollar and cut out pages to Modge Podge  to my blocks. 

I still haven't quite decided what I want to do next with them. I will do some home work and make them versatile and cute. That is the goal anyway.

 And here is my Modge Podged news paper frame. I had tried being creative with it before and it did not turn out so i had to strip it and try again. I think the news paper is kind of quirky. Not for a family photo or anything.

 So for now my quirky little frame will hold all my dry erase messages.
I just put white paper behind the frame and glass which I will probably change soon.

  Today's windy purple outfit.

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April said...

I love the picture frame by the way. What about big bright letters or numbers on your cute cubes? I really like them too.