Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crazy Saturday

Saturday was one excellent day. It was one of those warm pre-summer afternoons where you feel like getting a little crazy, and you have enough cool people around to act on these crazy notions. In short it was a swag day.

 First we hit up Wal-Mart and D.I. 
I am quite excited about my $10 watch (as seen in Sammy's pic), my braided belt and my mini clothespin finds.

Next we took two bikes and a long board up to a church parking lot right below the temple to do some mello boarding. It was crazy windy but that did not stop the filming that kicked of this swag afternoon.
(I will post a link to our video as soon as Brock finishes it.)

 Did I mention I took my bike down a few flights of stairs for the first time ever? It was so thrilling, and I am alive and well which doubts caused that thrill. 
Zach and Brock were showing off for the ladies. They were pretty impressive but watching Zach right after this picture was taken was priceless. The back mud flap on the bike flew off making it look like the whole bike fell apart mid stunt.

After a good 3+ hours of movie making we headed to Sammy's for food and music.

 This is 'The Neighbors'. I seriously fell in love with them from the first sound check. They looked awesome, had incredible stage presence and sounded amazing. I highly recommend looking them up.

I am so, so glad Paige came to stay with us this weekend and gave us such a great excuse to party!

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