Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Visiting with Family

 Sunday my favorite cousins growing up came to visit me! Okay, they came to walk around campus and get the apartment the wanted for fall semester. But they did stop by for Sunday dinner and let us play tennis and go swimming and hot tubing with them on Monday. 

I know its hard to see but that is Zach in the above picture and my cousins Maryann and Alison below. They are quite the tennis players.

 To the left is my thrifted top outfit and altered Gap cords. 
Top:Thrifted $4 
Cords: Gap $30
Shoes: Soda $10

To the right are my altered Target jeans and little mermaid shirt.
Cardi: $10
Shirt: Pricless
Jeans: Target $25

For the last day of the semester I got to turn in my Art Methods portfolio and share some of my favorite pieces. I figured Kim would get a kick out of this.

Top Left: Melting craysons while dawing on a skillet (favorite)
Top Right:  Coloring paper over Zach's Samoan stuff
Middle: Paper mache mask
Bottom Left: Alligator made out of a given line
Bottom Right: Layering translucent layers

And down here are my prints I made out of a foam type board

Yay for the end of the semester. Only two more finals and I am 14 credits closer to graduating!

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