Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vacation Part One

 Saturday Zach and I headed down to California. On the way we stopped in Utah to pick up my Mom and sister, Megan. They were in town for a BYU Ballroom dance concert. Their birthday is on the same day and that was their big gift.

We pulled in dark and early Sunday morning. So, we got to explore the new big back ward and house Sunday afternoon. The back yard is huge and backed up to some property that they go air-softing in. The house is a beautiful ranch style home. It feels so open and so much more comfortable than the old one. I am just so happy for the good changes that came with the move.

Ricky tried to get the Koi fish to show themselves and showed us the big fort he put his American flag on.

Sunday was my Mom and Megan's birthday so we celebrated with a big chocolate cake. My mom made the cake and let me decorate it with chocolate frosting and Dove chocolate adornments.

After dinner and dessert we played some Nerts, the game my family is way into right now. It is a fun combination of a few games and it is fast paced with keeps it lively.

Did I mention it was in the 70's? Such a nice break from the snow!
To be continued.....

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