Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ladies Night

Tonight was the Daybook blogger meet up. Sydney from the Daybook set up this way fun get together event. I was privileged to meet so many awesome young women and get some new blogs to go check out. Sydney was the perfect hostess. She was so kind to every one including this huge baby. 

They had mini Cocoa Bean cup cakes. They were delicious and so cute. 
This is my very excited outfit and self. I felt a little bit of pressure since I was about to meet my fashion icon. I thought I did a good job of keeping my style and creativity. Not a bit of idea stealing.

oh hey, the purse is my thrifted California find.

I finally got enough lady balls to go ask her to take a picture with me. I know, I'm such a 10 year old girl. 

 Thanks for the great girls night out Sydney and Kristen and all the other lovely ladies I met!


katherine said...

you are so cute! loved meeting you the other night :)

Zach and Sara Allen said...

I definitely had fun meeting you too!