Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cookies

Well yesterday I was in the mood to not do home work. And what better way then to do something that feels productive and offers delicious results? 
So I was checking out Martha Stewart's recipes to find some Easter inspiration and I found it. Holiday Icebox Cookies. 

 I decided I wanted to use my cookie cutters so I marbled some of the dough and rolled it out. It was a good time in the kitchen. I think they taste pretty good too. 

These our our drawings from our art class in the Animation studio. My mom just sent me these and I had to show them off.


Julie said...

CUTE cookies! I want some. Will you share the link or the recipe? Thanks!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Yep it is right below the first picture. I didn't use the egg whites like they said and i regretted it. Don't skip the glue step. :)