Friday, April 8, 2011

So, Here's What Happened

Today Zach and I had our last finals. My only and his first for the day were scheduled for 7 am. This is what we walked to and from school in. So disappointing. 

After our early final we helped some of our friends move and clean apartments. Then Zach was off to his last final of the day and I was off to my appointment at Paul Mitchell. I made the appointment on Tuesday so I wouldn't chicken out. I was still nervous and scared out of my  mind. 

I measured my hair this morning from the center part to the longest layer and it measured 25 inches. This is the picture I gave the hair dresser. 

 They asked if I would donate my hair to Locks of Love. I let them know that it had some color in it but they said they would give it a try anyway. Besides its red.

 And here it is folks. The bieber. I mean, my new do! All the ladies at Paul Mitchell thought I was crazy for cutting all my hair off. I was like every hair dressers dream come true. 
I had a really fun time getting my hair did with all those spunky girls running around and complimenting me all over the place.

Now I am going to enjoy a hot date with my handsome man! Might I add said man was the one who encouraged me to just do it. I was scared and he encouraged me to do what I wanted. What a guy.


McKay and Ashley Pearson said...

Oh my word Sara! you look amazing! I am so proud of you for going through with it! I can't wait to see it in real life!

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Thanks Ashley! I love it and I haven't even cried once over the lost hair.

April said...

You wear it well. Have fun with it.