Monday, April 18, 2011

Vacation Part Two

Monday was pretty relaxing. We did some shopping and i scored a thrifted black pencil skirt and a purse for about $7. Later that day Zach and I tried to make a poached egg. Obviously it did not work out. I was a little to energetic when tossing the egg in. The things we do for fun.

 Tuesday was when the craziness really started. We headed to Disneyland bright and early. We had park hopper passes so we were able to go back and forth between the parks to do anything and everything we could think of to do. 
This is us hanging in Tarzan's fort which used to be the Swiss Family Robinson home.

Getting ready to go on Thunder Mountain, the wildest ride in the wilderness.

We got to enjoy the parks, just the three of us.
 'Scream'n' over in California Adventure was definitely one of the best rides along with Tower of Terror. After a fairly short line we made friends and scored some fast passes so we were able to experience the terror twice in  a row! So fun!

We ended the day with California Adventures water show. It was so cool. We had front row seats so we got a little wet from all the mist but it was so worth it. 

 Its Little Mermaid. Can you tell?
To be continued....

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