Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music Inn

This blog post was inspired by Brocky who is now almost halfway done with his mission in Zimbabwe. In a letter he wrote us last week he told us about a guitar shop in Greenwich Village he knew of. With it being only a train ride away, we had to go find it. Besides, Greenwich Village is one of our favorite places to explore.

It did not disappoint.  There was no empty space in the whole place. Everywhere you looked there were string and percussion instruments. They even had a cello hanging of the ceiling for $200.

We really liked the section of banjolele's. The prices ranged from $80-$400 for these babies. No matter, we were in love.  

Downstairs was filled with records and drums. We thought of lots of family members and friends that would have been able to enjoy this eclectic place with us. 

What really pushed this places coolness over the top was the fact that Kristian Matsson of, 'The Tallest Man on Earth' fame, shot a music video there. The video is great and gives you a great idea of how filled this place is with incredible instruments.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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