Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clinton St. Baking Company

We had heard rumors that Clinton St. Baking Company had some of New York's best pancakes. When we found a groupon online, we planned a double date with Cheslea. 

We all tried the delicious Ithaca root beer as we awaited our meal.  It was pretty dang good, for all you root beer fans out there.

Each couple got a burger and a stack of pancakes. We split everything so we could all try a bite of everything. 
The burgers and fries were good, the pancakes were good, but the syrup was amazing.

Zach could have bought a bottle and drizzled it on breakfast every morning had they been selling it in bottles. It was really good. It tasted like a smooth vanilla caramel cream sauce. 

As we left they gave us each a scone for the road. They were magnificent. We really enjoyed it and recommend it to all those pancake lovers out there. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

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