Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Sunday night they shut down the trains at 7pm and the buses at 9pm. 

Stations were closed down Sunday night leaving all these huge stations empty. Under the subways they started putting up wood flood gates and sandbags to prevent as much flooding and damage as possible.  Below is Grand Central Terminal.

This is the New York Stock Exchange building on Wall St. in the financial district located at the south eastern corner of the island.  This was obviously taken before it got too bad.

This is right next to IKEA. We saw this building on Saturday and it was lined with cars and well above sea level. Not any more. This was from Monday evening in Brooklyn. 

This is Battery Park on Monday.  This is one of our favorite areas located on the south western corner of the island. Pictures showed Coney Island looking like this too but with more damage from wooden gates and docks being destroyed.

We stayed safe inside watching scary movies and enjoying the power we still had. The wind picked up pretty good on Monday evening but besides some misting and a few spurts of rain, we have been pretty dry up here.

We tried to eat as much of our ice cream as we could in case we lost it to a dead fridge. I know, it's a tough week. Tuesday afternoon showed less fierce wind and just a light rain every now and again. Trains are still closed until further notice so Zach is working from home and I am still trying to get a hold of my boss who most likely was out on Long Island all weekend.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

(Pictures of the city taken from Weather.com) 

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