Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Diner

 On Labor Day we wandered around Chelsea and walked around a lot of neat stores. We really love the downtown feel and enjoy wandering around it and pointing out all the cute places we would like to live in.

After window shopping we decided to stop at a little diner called Star on 18.  The prices were really reasonable and the helpings were large. We had a server who kept our glasses full and was always close by to assist in any way possible. I loved it! It was a quite, friendly place and the food was delicious. Zach got the french dip while I had a bacon and mushroom grilled cheese.

While we were eating we saw a bus pull over accompanied by a cop car. We all stopped and stared as we tried to figure out what was going on. A lady was taken off the bus and hand cuffed right outside the diner. Apparently she had gotten in a fight and the calm 40is year old lady in a cardigan was escorted off the bus and surrounded by 5 or so cops while she was stuck with her hands behind her back, When we left, everyone was still standing there and the whole thing looked pretty silly. But it made the whole dining experience more than worth it.

Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend!

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