Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pudding from Avocados

I ran across this crazy recipe at Edible Perspective. It is a pudding made from avocados but it tastes like a chocolate banana pudding. Delicious.

It takes two avocados
Two bananas
6- 8 Tbs. of Cocoa powder
Scoop of protein powder (if you want)
tsp. of Vanilla
tsp. of Cinnamon
Milk if needed

We started with our magic bullet and realized quickly it was not going to do the job. J ust the banana and the avocado were too much for the small bullet. So we switched over to the full-size blender, which I recommend you start with. You just blend everything until it's nice and creamy, add more of whatever you want for the flavor you want and enjoy.

We added a little bit of chocolate syrup to enhance that chocolate flavor. We loved it and recommend it for those looking for some guilt free, chocolaty pleasure. 

Happy warm and sunny Thursday everyone!

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