Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Irish Hunger Memorial

This, as explained by our friend Chelsea, is the Irish Hunger Memorial. It is an acre of land that was literally taken from Ireland and placed in Battery Park. The stones that mark the pathways and all the plants were taken from different clans and areas of Ireland.

After going back to our roots we stopped by the ritziest drug store ever. DUANEreade in the financial district.

We enjoyed looking around and especially enjoyed smelling all of the perfumes.The scents ranged from play dough to funeral home, cannibus to thunderstorm, cherry to sun screen. They all smelt pretty dead on for better or worse. I concluded that if I was a little lass cheep I would buy one for every occasion to give as gifts year round.

Sun set on Hoboken, New Jersy. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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