Monday, August 19, 2013

How Grandmas are Made

The story of Annas birth told from across the country by Grandma Erica:

"The day of Anna's birth was much anticipated and long awaited.  Her aunt Paige and cousin Cameron were visiting from Utah that weekend and camping in Glacier Park.  I was just getting ready to leave to join them in the Park early Saturday morning when Anna's dad called and told us, with great excitement in his voice, that Anna's mom was in labor.  YYEEEHHHAAAWWWW......but, HUGE dilemna.... whether or not to head to Glacier to meet the gang and risk missing any news or take a chance and head to Glacier, hoping there'd be coverage at the right times.  To make the dilemna more difficult, my phone wasn't charged because of technical difficulties and I wasn't sure where I'd be able to get electricity to charge it along the way.  Aunt Paige had her phone, but no charger and the battery was running low.  So, we were quite worried we would miss the news.  Grandpa Brett had planned to stay home so we decided he would keep me informed.  With the assurance of that knowledge, I headed to Glacier praying for you and your mom all the way.

Browning, located on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, is the last largish town before heading into the park.  I stopped there and ran into the grocery store to try to charge my phone enough to get news.  While standing in the bathroom, with the the phone plugged in,  Zach  assured me all was well but Anna probably wouldn't arrive for a few more hours.  A nice Indian lady came into the bathroom and looked at me a bit funny as I was just getting off the phone.  I told her my first Granddaughter was being born today.  She smiled, wished us congratulations and told me how wonderful grandchildren were.  With that, I headed on to Glacier to meet Paige and gang.  We met at East Glacier and immediately tried to call Zach for news, using Paige's phone.  No coverage....ARRGGHH.  We knew there was coverage in West Glacier, an hour away, so headed out and drove as quickly as possible.  Again, praying all the way for Sara and our Anna.  Upon reaching West Glacier Aunt Paige immediately called Zach for news.  They had reduced Sara's epideral dosage so she would be able to push, but Anna probably wouldn't be born for at least another hour.  We were so excited, the anticipation was killing us!  We then headed into the park for a picnic and then on up to the top of Going to the Sun Road.  I counted on there would be coverage at the top, but no such luck.  It had been about an hour and a half and I couldn't stand not know how things were going in that wonderful hospital room clear across the country. 

I dropped the gang off at the top of the pass, told them to hike to Hidden Lake and I would be back for them in an hour.  I then drove as fast as I could to the bottom of the pass and St. Mary's. Hallelujah, there was coverage there at the visitors center.  The kind park rangers let me plug my phone in after I told them I was expecting news about my first Granddaughter -they also offered congratulations.  After the phone was plugged in I got through to Zach and he told me all was well, but it would still be awhile.  So, thankful that all was well, but still on major pins and needles.  I headed back up the pass and picked up Paige, Cameron and Logan and we quickly headed back down to the bottom so I could check in again.  This time when we called there was no answer, so we assumed Zach was busy taking care of his girls.  We left and drove quickly to Browning where we, again, used the bathroom in the grocery store in Browing to plug in our phones.

YEAAAAHHHH....this time there was a  picture of our beautiful 8.06 lb Anna.  Lots of high-fiving all around and then we quickly called Zach and got all the news.  And wonderful news it was.  Our amazing granddaughter Anna was strong and Healthy and her incredible mother had pulled through like a trouper.  With that we headed home, where we were able to put through our first of many face-time sessions.  It was so wonderful to see your beautiful face for the first time.  What a beautiful baby you are - and not just because we're your grandparents!

Anna, you are loved more than you will ever know.  By grandparents on both sides of the family and a plethera of aunt's and uncles.  You have been much prayed for already and will continue to be so for the rest of your life.  We know you are one of Heavenly Fathers choice daughters and we are so thankful you joined our family.   You have the most amazing parents, who also love you dearly.  The day of your birth was one of the most exciting days of your grandpa and my  life.   Welcome."

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