Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 12

Well, It's official, I am starting to show. More or less depending on the outfit. I can still get away with wearing my normal wardrobe but boy oh boy did those pair of maternity pants feel great. With the expanding uterus the tight pull of the jeans really doesn't feel so great. They fit, but I can't wait to take off anything tight around my waist ASAP. 

Top left is start of week 12+, top right is middle of week 11+, bottom left is week 4 (aka your first missed period) and the bottom right is the size of our little gummy  bear right  now. No wonder my jeans are getting tight that's a lot to fit in my body including everything that surrounds our little guy. 

Almost in my 2nd trimester, I would almost say I feel like I did before I was pregnant and maybe just had too much to eat. I feel like my energy is back up and I can eat normally again. I have noticed that all meat has a slightly gamy taste to it now, so my taste buds are not working quite like they used to. I crave dairy like there's no tomorrow. Like I eat a bagel just so I can put the whole block of cream cheese on it... okay not that bad, but pretty close. I could drink milk instead of water, eat sour cream and cream cheese with a spoon and just take solid bites out of a block of cheese all day. I don't, but I could.  

I have an appointment with a new doctor next week. That will be the day we find out exactly how far along little gummy bear is and our official due date. We will keep you all posted. 
We are warming up to the idea of being parents every day and still as happy and excited as ever. We know we won't even know how hard it will be for years to come but we are optimistic and excited for the journey. 

Happy Wednesday everyone.


ahlin said...

congratulations my beautiful friend!!! you will make wonderful parents, this i know. :)

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Why thank you my lovely friend Ahlin! You are so sweet.