Friday, November 9, 2012

Donuts and Dives

Last Monday night Zach and I went to Corner Bistro, for their famous burgers. They have a simple menu, like 8 items. There are about 10 tables and one bar all crammed in this corner of an old brick building. Its a total dive but it was perfect. The atmosphere worked and the food was simple and good.

I had heard about this bakery that was fairly close to where I worked that sold donuts for a buck fifteen. I was intrigued by the price. When I saw they sold any and all types of donuts all at that great price, I could not resist using a lunch break to check it out. 

I don't know why but being in NY has made me a little bit obsessed with finding the best of every kind of food. The donut I tried here was good, but I will have to try a cream filled one to see if it is better than my breakfast truck find. Ha!

Have a delicious Friday everyone!

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