Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 I am still in the stage where Birthdays are exciting. I don't mind getting a little older. I like growing up and approaching new stages of life. I'm not sure when that will stop for me. I was always one of those kids that looked up to the big kids and could not wait to be their age. While I am more content with the age I am at now, I still look forward to privileges that come with older ages.

Well I am 23, yippee! I am one year closer to being able to rent a car. That's when you become a true adult, right?  This year I was surprised by a package from my family, my very own guitar from Zach and a tropical storm from you know who. It has been a very exciting Birthday and year and I am glad to be stepping even further away from those teenage years.

I was serenaded by the sweet plucking and tuning of Zachs new Uke.  He also made me a delicious chocolate cake with homemade fluffy chocolate frosting. It was a relaxing day full of movies and music.

My mom got me a puzzle. On Sunday we whipped it out and have been working ever so hard on it. Its a tough one though and it might take all week but, we will finish it, and enjoy it along the way. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Stepper the Mighty said...

That is one GREAT table.

Okay - I have a birthday present for you. I have actually been meaning to give it to you forever and I meant to find out when your birthday is. And I JUST MISSED IT!


So next I see you.

You have been warned.

Sarah+Jamason=Tyler said...

Looks like your birthday was wonderful! Happy birthday! Glad to see you guys are doing well :)

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Stepper, I am so excited. I imagine if its from you it will be great.

Sarah, we miss you guys and love checking into your blog, your little boy is growing too fast!