Thursday, May 28, 2015

Potty Training

How I potty trained Anna in 1 day 1 week.... maybe... :

Day 0: Read the book, read online articles and personal success stories, bought 30 pairs of underwear, stocked up on salty snacks, sweet rewards, and fun incentives. Prepped and excited to go!
Day 1: Followed every stinkin' step in the 1 day method... Taught bunny how to go potty, taught Anna how to use the potty, cleaned up 12 accidents... ate most of the skittles and snacks myself, watched two melt downs, and had to seriously considered what I had just started. Anna asked multiple times for her diapers and was not impressed by the underwear about 3 changes in. By 7pm I was done sitting on the floor checking she was dry every 3-5 minutes and was just counting down seconds until pull ups and bed time.

Day 2: I came to the realization that this might take a few weeks and that was okay, we would push forward. Anna pooped her pants, and then once in the toilet (sweet victory!!), I only had to clean up 6 accidents. We figured out keeping the potty in view of the TV and close to the kitchen and her toys helped keep the accidents down and going potty more motivating. My butt was pretty done with sitting on the floor waiting for every success.
Day 3: Huge tantrum before the underwear went on in the morning that resulted in a full bladder accident that happened all over both of us, but that was it, no more accident until her friend came to play and she didn't want to stop playing. 12+ waking hours and only 2 accidents.... hope was growing.
Day 4: One accident after going on a walk when she couldn't get her boots, coat, and pants off fast enough.... totally my fault. By this point she was starting to forget about the rewards for going poop or pee in the potty and was just excited to give high fives for 1. lowering her pants herself 2. sitting and going potty 3. wiping and pulling her own pants up 4. dumping out her little potty in the toilet and flushing 5. replacing potty seat and washing hands. By this point you could tell she was starting to feel empowered.

Day 5 (Friday): She was happy to pick out her underwear for the day. Not one accident. We braved taking her to my brothers senior showcase play. She stayed dry in the car, went potty on a big toilet like 5 times between acts, and stayed dry through the remainder of the night. I was on cloud nine. I felt free! I knew for sure that now I could make small trips out of the house as long as there would be a toilet close by. The relief was indescribable and Anna was noticeably proud and feeling so grown up.
Day 6: Ran errands and went out to dinner without a single accident. Anna was finally to the point where she would tell me if she had to potty or not. Usually it was me asking and her saying no but every once in a while she would say yes or ask me to go. Nursery was finally sounding like it might be possible on Sunday.
Day 7: She made it through church. This was a huge land mark for me because I couldn't be with her for two hours! And even when I check on her she said "no, I'm okay" and she was.

 I wish I could tell you the magic trick, the key to success, and a cure all. I can't I have no idea what made the difference for her, and I honestly don't think it was me at all. I think she made the decision on her own and made in happen. I know accidents will happen but I feel confident that she has the skills to make them few and far between. So proud of my big almost two year old.

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