Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All About Anna

Anna is one, almost two. She has 16 teeth that help her to share her stories and eat even more delicious food. She loves cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, buttered toast, cheesy eggs, milk, juice, chicken nuggets, french fries, milk shakes, pizza, candy, mac-n-cheese, edemame, apples and berries... She hates anything that we try to feed her ourselves. She is very independent and likes to do as much as she can on her own. She has no fear of thunder, lightening, loud air show planes, fireworks, sparklers, or anything that I know of yet... she loves wearing boots and picking out her own clothes and shoes. She likes to take her shoes off to play or ride in the car.  She is an excellent nap taker. One day as I was laying down next to her for a nap she rolled over, put her arm on me and whispered "I like your dress". I laughed and said "Thank you". She responded "You're welcome" before rolling over to doze off. Her imagination and stories fascinate me. I am blown away by what she understands and comprehends. I am constantly being reminded of what an amazing child we have by those around me. She is kind, good natured, gentle, and happy. It has been so clear to me that very little of this disposition has to do with me. She came with a very specific spirit with its own unique spiritual traits and it at incredible to see her grow and develop. I am truly grateful to have Anna as my daughter.

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