Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Anny and Ben's Reception

Anna and I were making kissy faces as we waited for our turn to use the bathroom, and her thin lips crack me up. This reception was the best party I have been to in a while, like if we didn't have Anna we probably would have stayed until midnight or whenever they finally shut the party down.  They had delicious little finger foods coming all night long and the dance party that started around 8 was fabulous! Anna loved dancing and was a little territorial when Zach and I tried to dance. She stopped dancing, looked right at us, shook her finger and said, "no no no", until we stepped apart, then she continued dancing with her group. HA! She was having so much fun that even after rubbing her eyes and slowing her dancing she still threw a huge fit when we took her off the dance floor. I had no idea we had such a party girl on our hands. 
It was so good to catch up with Anny and Jenna (who was my actual room roommate). They were both incredible examples and were great friends to me as I stumbled through my first semester of college, started dating Zach and got engaged. They were so supportive at my own wedding and I will never forget the fun we had. I'm so grateful to see them making excellent decisions and finding their own eternal companions. I can't wait for some fun double dates in the future!


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