Friday, July 11, 2014

Aunt Julie's Birthday

Last week I got to meet up with a bunch of my cousins on my mom's side, that I haven't seen in years. Everyone had gathered for my Aunt Julie's birthday. All of her kids and grandkids were there, as well as my Lee cousins and a few other aunts and uncles. I absolutely loved seeing everyone again and getting acquainted all over again. I was surprised to learn how many of them lived so close and how much I really enjoyed them. They are all quite a bit older than me, but I think the older we all get, the smaller that gap feels...or maybe that's just me hoping I fit in with such mature and successful people. I sure loved seeing my family, now I'm in the mood for a real reunion. 

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Katie said...

Thanks for sharing pics! Thank you for taking time to come! It was good to see you and your precious daughter!!!