Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anna Turns One: Part 2

We had almost 50 people singing Happy Birthday to Anna. I wish I had gotten a video, it almost brought me to tears to see and hear how many people were willing to come help us celebrate her birthday. She had no idea what to do with the cake and was not pleased when I got a dot of cool whip on her noes. She immediately tried getting it off her face. She did absolutely love all the attention she was getting.  She is one loved and adored 1 year old.

Anna loves playing with Eli at church and even though there were lots of people there she still enjoyed seeing what Eli got her. He even made her a water color picture at the party that he let her keep. It was adorable. We think the world of anyone who loves Anna.


Danuska :) said...

Love it! The decorations look beautiful :)! Glad you let her attack the cake even if she found it sticky. (Dana)

April said...

Great pictures of a wonderful day. What a happy, happy girl you have! Love the picture of you, me and Anna!