Monday, November 25, 2013

Top 5 Pizzerias

This is our list of our favorite places to get pizza in New York City.

4. Joe's Pizza - Greenwich Village
We only ate here once, even though we walked by it as we explored Greenwich Village often. It was delicious. The crust was thin, the slices large, and the uniquely flavored pizza sauce was unforgettable.

3. 2 Bros. - All over Manhattan
The fastest, largest, cheapest, most convenient slice of pizza you will find in NYC. I argued putting 2 Bros. at the top of the list for those very reasons but because it is not a gourmet pizza, decided to put it in third place. I thoroughly enjoy the times where I had a minute to watch the pizza assembly line while I ate my dollar slice of cheese pizza. They work so fast and efficiently in such a small space that it really is mesmerizing. It is one experience I already miss and will never forget.

2. Grimaldi's  - Brooklyn
This is where we fell in love with the margarita pizza. The first time we went we were figuring out how to recreate their signature pizza. If you are willing to brave the hour long lines to get in during the summer we recommend it otherwise wait until January and have any seat in the house. They serve fun Brooklyn sodas, perfect thin crust pizzas, and have a fun atmosphere and view right under the Brooklyn Bridge. Grimaldi's is dear and near to our hearts and we will recommend it to any and all.

1. Da Mikele - TriBeCa
The fanciest pizza I have ever had, (and probobly ever will have). We came here with Zach's cousin Lexie when we announced we were pregnant with little Anna. The atmosphere is perfect with the exposed brick, wood floors, and dimmed lighting. We all tried different pizzas that pushed the boundaries on what we considered "pizza". So many fabulous ingredients and robust flavored cheeses. It was a gastric experience unlike any other.

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