Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Four Years and Counting

 We met in the fall of 2008.

Summer of 2009, he proposed on the Oceanside pier. I, of course, said "yes".

The week leading up to our wedding in fall of 2009, I remember feeling excited nervousness. My life was about to change drastically. While I was nervous I never had any doubt in my mind that Zach was the one for me. Of course I doubted being worthy of him every minute. But despite my trying to convince him otherwise he still loved me and decided I was worth it.

The day of the wedding was absolute bliss. I had spent the last week getting all the nerves out of my system and absolutely loved every minute of my wedding day. I was able to make sacred covenants that bound me to Zachary for time and all eternity in the San Diego Temple. I plan to do all I can to remain worthy of him.

Now 4 years after that perfect day I am still madly in love. Its amazing to me that its only been 4 years. I feel like he has become so much of me that there was no time with out him. I love it.

Thanks for sticking with me. The rest of our lives are going to be awesome! 

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