Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Due Date - Week 40

Above are pictures of my cute mom carrying me next to my studly dad.  Below is the next generation. I am officially due, or overdue? Either way I'm calling it, I'm done waiting. We all are. We are so anxious to meet our little Anna girl and to start showing her around New York. My fingers are crossed that she decides to come on her own in the next day or two. 24 is always a good number...


Stepper the Mighty said...

The wait is excruciating!

But, gosh, Sara - you sure are a beauty. So stunning - always - but especially pregnant!

You are probably going to explode everyone with your new-mom glow.

Just a word of caution.

Also - we miss you guys. And that city. Thanks for giving us our pictorial fix.

Zach and Sara Allen said...

Stepper, you are so sweet. We sure miss you guys.