Monday, July 1, 2013

27 Years Old

 On Saturday and Sunday we celebrated Zach's 27th Birthday. We spent Saturday taking it easy and enjoying lower Manhattan. We tried on all sorts of glasses at Warby Parker and walked around a few other shops like REI where we could dream about our future adventures with Anna. We finished out the day with ice cream and Top Gun. Sunday we celebrated with Lexie and Chelsea over homemade cheese cake and fresh watermelon. Zach was sung a birthday song in primary and we brought Angry Birds fruit snacks to celebrate with our class of 4/5 yr olds. All-in-all it was a nice relaxing weekend.

I feel like 27 takes you into a whole new realm of maturity. It makes it seem much more acceptable to become parents now that one of us will be so mature. I am so happy to celebrate 70+ more birthdays with this amazing man. Anna, is one lucky girl.

Happy birthday Zachary!

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