Thursday, January 19, 2012


These are some of the things I have really been inspired by lately. With the thought of moving in just a couple of months my mind has moved away from academics and onto packing, organizing and redecorating. 

All of these photos were taken from my "Future Home" pin board. For original links click HERE

 I have spent a couple minutes every day this week downsizing in some way. I have the garbage pile, the donations pile, for sale pile and the mend pile.  Its my way of avoiding homework and feeling productive at the same time. 

I am getting so anxious to get down to basics. I know we will not have a lot of space in New York and it has me in the mood to down size and use all of my space as efficiently as possible.

I have fallen in love with some of IKEA's minimalistic furniture and low cost. Zach has even been inspired by the simplicity and possibility of making it himself. I love items that are beautiful and meaningful. 

I want my storage to have decorative purposes and to have a little personality as well (like the trunks).  If it is out where people can see it, it better look good. I detest clutter and want so desperately to hide it or make it beautiful. 

We still look like we are transitioning from fall to spring in these parts. We are even getting our May showers today so maybe February will bring Aprils flowers.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


Kristin said...

you're going to be in New York? How exciting. We'll have to come visit

Zach and Sara Allen said...

We would love that so much! How are you guys enjoying the East coast? Any moving tips?

Kristin said...

well we're not quite there yet. We're in CA until the end of May and then we're heading out there. We have to come back to the burg though because we stored our stuff there. Will you still be there at the end of May? Moving tips...down size as much as possible. Start going through and getting rid of stuff