Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Party Continues

 This week was pretty awesome. First off I had a 3 day weekend that was fantastic. Second, my Dad came to visit me the day after I got home! The last time he was in Idaho was when he dropped me off in 2008 for my first semester at school. It was fun showing off the new BYUIC (The BYU-I Center) as well as the rest of campus that is under construction. It was a great visit and I was so glad he added 8 more hours to the trip. 

Thursday we went to the Allred concert at Sammy's. I had been hearing about this guy for the past two years and was excited to finally hear him and the band. They did a great job. A little whiny for my current taste but a really great show. He played a cover of 'Rollin in the Deep' that I loved. 

Every summer that I have been here, this amazing garden comes to life. Last year the gardener created snail and dragon fly designs. 

This year it looks like a spiral but it could change as the flours continue to grow and bloom. It is one of my favorite things about Rexburg. 

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