Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Concert

We started counting down. Iron & Wine was pretty much all I listened to the past few weeks. 
I first heard Iron & Wine when it played on my Pandora. I heard more about them from Brock and now I just can't get enough. 

 When we got to Salt Lake we walked around and did some window shopping and enjoyed all the street corner performers.

The concert was at the Venue. We tried to get there early but only had to wait in line for 30 min or so.

We got in early enough that we were right next to the stage front and center. By the time it started enough people had squeezed in front that we were about 3-4 people away from the front.

 The Head & the Heart opened. They were amazing.

 The long waited for Iron & Wine. 

The concert started at 7 and we didn't get out of there until after 10. 3 hours of musical perfection.

 In there newest album they have a band that plays with them so they incorporated the band into all of there songs. They had the most amazing tenor player. They all played multiple instruments and had amazing solos. If I had known a beri could be such a cool indi instrument I might have tried a little harder to start my own band.

 Our party. Me, Zach, Paige, Matt, and Brock.

After the concert we headed to Zach's Aunt and uncle's house. They have a shuffle board that was surprisingly addicting.

We all enjoyed the concert and putting our tired feet up after it.  We could not stop talking about how amazing the whole experience was.

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